Monday, March 9, 2009


Randy Twigg
This woman embodies what I can proudly hope is the future of Riot Grrrl (because I think the genre may have died out or morphed into some commercial nonsense). I guess Peaches had something going for a spell with her XXX electro ... Anyway, enough with the commentary let's talk about Randy Twigg!!! 

Ride the Fourth-wave with Berlin-based "Post-Apocalyptic Yacht Rocker" and one woman show Randy Twigg. Live, all she needs is a bass guitar and a laptop to shake you up and make you dance. And somehow you even get this "I feel like headbanging" urge when you are at one of her shows. Very interesting energy.
Her music is gritty yet melodic and at moments can be quite dark in a cleverly humorous way. She does it all herself and is a tough, sexy, female force you want unleashed upon you. ( Miss. Twigg makes Deborah Harry circa 1980 look like a pussy. No offense to Blondie at all. )

If I had to "classify" the roots that influence Twigg's music it would range from Punk, Technopunk and 1990's Industrial to Electro. Though there also seems to be a tinge of Grunge (not to be mistaken with alternative rock) present as well in a good way. 

At the end of 2008 she put out a record under her name titled "Undone". She just returned from a tour in France and is not stopping.

I am waiting for Kill Rock Stars or Simple Social Graces Discos to get an earful of her! 

Randy Twigg is also the bassist and female vocalist for the band Mt. Sims formerly known as Mount Sims.

*More about Randy later. We are working on a proper interview at the moment. In the meantime listen to some of her music here...

"Suitcase" © 2008 Randy Twigg Shot and cut by Olaf Nohr. Additional editing by Richa

"Centerfold" © 2008 Randy Twigg Directed by Tyler Von Muehlen