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An internet radio station I highly recommend for the musically polygamous nerd that likes to bask in the sun every once in a while and feel dub vibes tinged with punk and real rock and roll. Added bonus! You won't have to deal with a Brighton style beat down for not being a mod or a rocker 24/7. It's all good ... just try it!!!

*Warning to Goths, Cold and Dark Wavers ... When listening to DJ Scratchy aka Barry Myers: 

Side effects may include Abnormal dreams, abnormal vision, anxiety, dizziness, dry mouth, flushing, insomnia, nervousness, sex-drive changes, sweating, tremors, weakness or perhaps pathological euphoria!

"Other than The Clash, of course, I DJ'ed alongside most of the bands of the era. The Cramps and The Ramones -- whose early records I love to this day -- were particular favourites. Cramps' tunes like 'Human Fly' and 'Garbage Man' are extraordinary and the Ramones' 'Blitzkrieg Bop' was a life-changer. The Heartbreakers were always a treat too. In '77, I toured as a DJ with Dr Feelgood. Another band I really loved and saw a lot was The Slits, who I believe absorbed the deeper power of reggae into their musical souls. Patti Smith and her group also hold a very dear place in my pantheon of greats. Besides these bands and other than the occasional raid through my dusty and 'scratchy' singles collection, I don't listen to much from the punk days now, because -- without denigrating it at all -- a lot of punk was music of its time, parochial in some respects, which had a meaning within its own time frame. There again, much of the attitude and aggression is, in itself, timeless." DJ Scratchy

Web Source: 3:AM MAGAZINE

Greg Whitfield interviews punk soundsmith DJ Scratchy for 3AM


1-Five songs you can't get out of your head right now?

DJ Scratchy:

Mama Rosin  "The Story of Mama Rosin"

The Urban Voodoo Machine  "Love Song #666"

The Cramps  "You Got Good Taste"

Pretty Boy (Don Covay)  "Switchin in the Kitchen"

The Clovers  "Crawlin"

2-Last film you watched and actually liked?

DJ Scratchy:

"The Folksinger by M.A.Littler - Slowboatfilms"

3-Book you are reading?

DJ Scratchy:

"Chuck Barris - Confessions of a Dangerous Mind"

4-Visual artist/writer/music/film you feel inspired by right now?

DJ Scratchy:

"I'd not really watched TV for a number of years. But lately I've been getting a fair deal of visual stimulus using the BBC's i-player on the computer, not only catching up with and totally absorbed by David Tennant as Dr.Who plus the american action series Heroes but also watching programmes about 1930s amateur colour photography and others on photographers like Capa and W Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh Project."

5-First record/cassette tape you ever bought?

DJ Scratchy:

The Kinks  "You really got Me"

6-Record labels you miss?

DJ Scratchy:

"No particular allegiances to labels, though I was sorry to see 'Blood and Fire' go."

7-What are you working on right now?

DJ Scratchy:

"Seeking out The Rock and The Roll of The World, as always."

8-Bands/musicians you wish would get back together and not put out a crappy new record?

DJ Scratchy:

"Not the biggest fan of band re-unions. It can never be what it was."

9-Musician who died that you wish you could bring back from the grave?

DJ Scratchy:

"Where do you begin?  There's not only those great musicians from a more distant past, but contemporaries of mine who've died. We all have a clock ticking. We don't have the power over life and death and maybe it's not a question to be asked or considered. Let's just remember fondly those we've lost and enjoy the music that lives ever on."

10-Favorite song lyrics?

DJ Scratchy:

"Joe Strummer could always hit the nail on the head" 

"Punk Rockers in the UK

They won't notice anyway

They're all too busy fighting

For a good place under the lighting

The new groups are not concerned

With what there is to be learned

They got Burton suits, ha you think it's funny

Turning rebellion into money

All over people changing their votes

Along with their overcoats

If Adolf Hitler flew in today

They'd send a limousine anyway"

- Clash 'White Man in Hammersmith Palais'

"On the road to rock 'n' roll

The lonely sing a soulful song

Leave a little light in the wilderness

For somebody to come upon

On the road to rock 'n' roll

With everybody deep in their dreams

And the snow is falling on the city

Ask the music what it means" 

- Joe Strummer 'On the road to rock 'n' roll'


11-Favorite poets?

DJ Scratchy:

"My poets come from Rock'n'Roll. When younger I'd always been motivated more by sound and tunes. The likes of Bob Marley and Strummer made me also take notice of the power of a song's words. There's a lot of trite lyrics out there. But it's a joy to hear someone paint pictures, saying something significant and imaginative and when that is coupled with some exciting music, then there is magic."


LIVE every Wednesday afternoon 4-6pm UK time.


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