Tuesday, March 3, 2009


"I am an independant musician, poet and painter. In terms of my own artistic development I am constantly writing poems and musically I am about to embark on a DIY garage inspired EP / CD. I will make around 200 copies and create the covers by hand and distribute to them to friends, family and anyone who contacts me via myspace... give a copy to someone passing by on the street who I  think might dig it... I don't particularly care for money or notoriety. I'm just happy to do what I do.

Over the years I have recorded 4 cds in this DIY manner and distributed the recordings in a similar style as above. I have over 200 songs recorded ranging in different styles. However,  the garage punk is the one that seems to interest people the most. 

Poetry has always played an important role in my life. I use it  as an emotional punch bag which allows me to express my true feelings and rage against everything.  I  have made about 7 chapbooks of poetry over the years. I leave them on trains in the London underground. I planted the books around and really enjoyed doing it. A few people have emailed me back saying they found one of them and that they dug the poetry. 


I have not painted for a while because I went mad for a spell. And in a depressed state set fire to nearlly all my paintings. I have kept a few though. Like my music and poems,  the paintings are primitive and based on gut emotion. I really like the Fauve movement because the artists used colours to express their souls.  The movement was wild and totally against the norms of  the time. I find their work highly overlooked as an art genre.


Art seems like it is a dying part of society. Most things considered anti-establishment are now part of establishment. The mass consumer culture has sort of killed off true creativity and artistry.  It even kills it off in a sneaky fashion by completely making fools of those who consider themselves cool and so on. It is madness really. The term and concept "Art" seems shit today. I'd rather not prostitute myself even for the sake of a penny. I would much rather create for myself and don't really give a fuck if it is heard or not.  Also, I would much rather deal with others who share the same DIY sense of ethics that I do. That's why I decided to respond to your interview and questions. "

Paul Messis

1-Five songs you can't get out of your head right now?


The Kids - "Flipped Hair and Lace"  (this is a cool garage song done by 12 year olds)

Bobby Moore and The Rhythm Aces - "Searching For My Love" (cool doo-wop 45)

Super Furry Animals - Demons (really cool welsh indie psyche pop)

Etta James - I'd Rather Go Blind (soul that makes me cry)

The Jujus - You Treated Me Bad (a really cool garage song)

2-Last film you watched and actually liked?


"Super Bad only coz I really liked that McLovin guy. I don't really care too much for movies I get bored easily."

3-Book you are reading?


"I'm currently reading 2 books: The Room by Hubert Selby Jr.  and Liber Null and Psychonaut by Philip J. Carroll. The 2nd book is about occult magic known as chaos magic. As well as being interested in the arts I'm heavily into occultism... but, not like how a goth or metal head is into it.  More like how Joe Meek was into the occult."

4-Visual artist/writer/music/film you feel inspired by right now?


"I'm pretty much inspired by a French singer called Barbara at the moment. I found an EP of hers for £1 in a charity shop thinking it would be like Francoise Hardy. But, it's not like Francoise at all. When listening with fresh ears the songs just seem like french piano music. Though once you read about the terrible life Barbara had and you actually start understanding the French lyrics you realize she was a genius and an unknown lyrical genius at that. The thing with Barbara is she was a French Jew during the war and spent most of her childhood in hiding from the Nazis. Her Father used to abuse her. She even wrote a song about being abused by her father when she was 10 years old. I highly recommend people to check out her youtube stuff because she was an amazingly beautiful person, singer, and gifted soul."

5-First record/cassette tape you ever bought?


"The first cassette I  bought on my own (venturing away from my parent's tastes in music)  was "Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space". It was 1997 and I was 12 years old. That album holds a special place in my soul."

6-Record labels you miss?


"I simply miss people putting out records themselves. No one really does it anymore which is a shame because the people who aren't signed to labels are probably better than those signed."

7-What are you working on right now?


"Musically I'm working on a 6 track CD / EP. In March, I aim to make a proper start on songs. It's just a pain home recording at times because I don't own drums, so I miss out on good drum sounds. I record in my parent's bathroom because I can get good reverb in there. The songs I have lined up for this EP are going to be in a jangly garage punk style almost bordering on a folky punk sound."

8-Bands/musicians you wish would get back together and not put out a crappy new record?


"It would be amazing if Spacemen 3 reformed. Spacemen 3 were the only band I listened to throughout my teenage years. I saw My Bloody Valentine reform and didn't really like their reformation. The other week I saw the Buzzcocks and that was the most awful gig I have ever been to. It would be good if  The Milkshakes reformed with their original line up...But, let's face it bands that reform are usually just doing it for money and they always suck."

9-Musician who died that you wish you could bring back from the grave?


"Probably Syd Barrett.  Just imagine if he did an acoustic album during his reclusive years... what would it have sounded like?"

10-Favorite song lyrics?


"I have loads of favourite lyrics. But, for now I'll mention two songs with brilliant lyrics..."

Buffy St Marie - Codeine

John Prine - Sam Stone

11-Favorite poets?


"Charles Bukowski  is my all time favourite poet.  I love Bukowski's writing, style and genius...People get the wrong idea about Bukowski. I love his work for it's sensitivity and beauty amongst the themes he uses. Another poet I really enjoy is a peer of Bukowski's called Jack Micheline.  I consider myself a kindred soul of Micheline's."