Monday, March 2, 2009


1- Five songs you can't get out of your head right now?


"Well, 3 new Khan Of Finland songs that I’m working on 24/7 but nothing to show yet. So the other 2 that won’t leave my brain at the moment are..."  

Terence Trend D’Arby "Sign Your Name" 

and to add some more pop drama to my dark Berlin winter nights: 

Cyndi Lauper "I Drove All Night" "

2- Last film you watched and actually liked?



This documentary exposes what happened when a group of young Finnish hopefuls (like me) attempted to become rich by creating a mobile phone entertainment company that would attract millions of dollars in investment from corporate giants worldwide.

The film also focuses on two people, Jan Wellmann - the charismatic messiah and main man behind the smoke and mirrors of the short-lived Riot Entertainment Ltd, and John Hakalax - his passionate disciple turned betrayer.

Interviews with the founders, former Riot employees, clients and former investors reveals how multi-million dollar mistakes, corporate con tricks and their over-the-top spending lead to the company's downfall. (From Finland, in English and Finnish, English subtitles). Also expect some finnish nudity not only in the sauna. This movie explains my character most." REVIEW HERE

3- Book you are reading? 


" "The Rest Is Noise" by Alex Ross.  A pretty thick and difficult to read volume about history and music starting with our dear Teutonics Wagner to Mahler, Debussy, Berg to my fellow Finn Jean Sibelius and so on... There are lots more composers to come.  It tries to explain the vibe of the times and why the compositions sound the way they do in their historical and political backgrounds.  It’s a cool book and if you spend some extra cash you get it with an 8 CD box-set.  I didn’t but, you can get samples on wikipedia or check your grand parents' record collection."

4- Visual artist/writer/music/film you feel inspired by right now?


"Paul McCarthy “The Painter. I feel like this all the time and it makes me laugh!"

5- First record/cassette tape you ever bought?


"My First cassette tape was Les Humphrey Singers. It could have been the "Mexico" album. I was so into it. First album I ever got was "Darkside Of The Moon" from my brother with my first record player. A yellow-battery-powered-pick-nick-turntable. The first album I bought was "Grapes of Wrath" by Spear of Destiny. They sound so dated now. Damn, but all the more respect to them for Theatre Of Hate."

6- Record labels you miss?


" I got my own now (I’m Single Records) and since they don’t pay advances anymore I don’t really give a shit. I miss Lux Interior !!!"

7- What are you working on right now?


"As I mentioned before we are working on a couple of Khan Of Finland disco-dub tracks.  We are finishing a 12" soon and will be working on a new live set and album to be released later this year.  I have a project called: "Audio Porn" that deals with pornography leaving the visual part out. Listen to get hard! It definitely has some advantages. Otherwise I study Turkish singing at the Turkish Conservatory here in Berlin and try to walk around more in the fresh air."

8- Bands/musicians you wish would get back together and not put out a crappy new record?


"I believe in musicians that keep going until the last breath!"

9- Musician who died that you wish you could bring back from the grave?


"I’ve seen a lot of my heroes play live like Fela Kuti, Sceamin’ Jay Hawkins or The Birthday Party. But, I did miss Sun Ra for a week.  So he would be the one!"

10- Favorite song lyrics?


"Trio "Da Da Da" ... "Ich lieb dich nicht, Du liebst mich nicht..."

11- Favorite poets?


"Lee Perry and Friedrich Hoelderlin"

Echo: Write me anything... a manifesto please.

Khan: There is not only one god !

Echo: Send me anything: a drawing, an image, a photo, a painting, video clip...

Khan: "Excommunication"



Khan Of Finland - Khan of Finland - EP

Khan Of Finland - Striped & Remixed