Saturday, February 21, 2009


"The first official release from Los Angeles band Sleepmask. Three handcrafted dreams and nightmares produced by Billy Mohler (War Tapes, Jimmy Chamberlain Complex), Ming Vauze and Sleepmask; recorded, mixed and mastered by Edward Monsef at The Hacienda."

Sleepmask was featured in Germany's Gothic Magazine (issue 62) as "best unsigned band" recently. I couldn't agree more. 

"Run" is my favorite track. So happy it made the cut. The lyrics are heartbreaking and honest. MV mixes the personal and the abstract. "Red fox on white snow" gets to me everytime.

Ming Vauze has also performed, written and worked with Faculty X, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and Mount Sims aka Mt. Sims just to name a few bands. 

He also works on the So Does The Fire recording project. We are preparing a video shoot  for the track "Adult" with Director Bart Grieb. Also hoping to finish recording our old's only been about 5 or 6 years of procrastination.

More about Ming Vauze and Sleepmask:
"Sleepmask was first born from the heart and soul of it’s founding father Ming Vauze in Los Angeles, CA. in the year 2005 as a more ethereal musical journey away from his then current band Faculty X. Forged from his love of 80’s post-punk acts like The Sisters of Mercy, Tones on Tail, Fad Gadget and Japan, as well as the early 4AD records catalog, he soon fleshed out his unique songs and shared his poetic heart with a handful of individuals until finding a musical home in ex-Suicide Club drummer Pablo Amador, Ian Sterling Smith, guitarist and also an ex member of L.A. based band Suicide Club, and F of the Distortions. Soon after joining creative arms, the band gained immediate acclaim within the world of darkromantic and ethereal music in Los Angeles, NYC and in Europe. Sleepmask continues to follow that path in it’s music, with phantasmic pieces entitled “Voudou”, “Harms Way” and ‘Choose that Girl”. Ming Vauze has also collaborated wih Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, co-writing “Need Some Air” from their 2007 release Baby ‘81." Source : Lastfm / Edited by jeunewerewolf on 18 Dec 2008, 23:53