Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mt. Sims "Grave" Music Video Hungry Eye Records

"Mt. Sims and Hungry Eye Records just released a  new music video for the staggering song "Grave," which you can find on the albums Happily Ever After as well as on the A Grave EP. It was filmed in the abandoned Spreepark in Berlin (October 2008). Directed by Bart Grieb and Matt Sims' long-time collaborator Echo Danon." "Mt. Sims returns to form after relocating from LA to Berlin with his eagerly anticipated third full length. Now with a new moniker-- "Mt. Sims" replacing "Mount Sims"-- and a full band with Randy Twigg and Andre Lange, Mt. Sims drops 12 new songs that bristle with nervous energy. Merging his signature electronic style with stark post-punk textures as first unveiled on his second album Wild LightHappily Ever After's songs showcase the new band's versatility. From the cabaret rave-up of "Playing for Keeps" to the melodramatic dirge of "Love's Revenge" and the raging death-disco of "the Bitten Bite Back", the band is flanked by guest appearances of Jessie Evans (Vanishing/ Autonervous) and Toby Dammit (Swans, Iggy Pop). To the delight of his followers, Mt. Sims strays far from the formula of "How We Do", as proved by the earlier release of a single for "Grave" on 12" format. Crisp production work done by Thomas Stern of Crime and the City Solution..." Happily Ever After - Mt. Sims - Hungry Eye Records - EYE 17
From the left: Randy Twigg, Matt Sims, Andre Lange.
(Photo of Mt. Sims ©Echo Danon. All Rights Reserved.)