Tuesday, February 24, 2009



1- Five songs uou can't get out of your head right now?

Marc- "Right now? Only one: "Jump Into The Fire" Harry Nilsson"

2-Last film you watched and actually liked?

Marc- "Scott Walker; 30 Century Man"

3-Book you are reading?

Marc- " (re-reading) De Kooning by Stevens + Swan"

4-Visual artist/writer/music/film you feel inspired by right now?

Marc- "Gerhard Richter (Always)"

5-First record/cassette tape you ever bought?

Marc- "Stevie Wonder "Livin For The City"  (vinyl 45)"

6-What are you working on right now?

Marc- "Witchtrialz"

7-Bands/musicians you wish would get back together and not put out a crappy new record?

Marc- "Magazine"

8-Musician who died that you wish you could bring back from the grave?

Marc- "John McGeoch"

9-Favorite poet?

Marc- "Samuel Beckett"

More about Marc Laurick ... best known currently as bassist with post-punk "icons", BUNNYDRUMS and witchtrialZ! ... also cast a rather wide net performing with: KING BRITT, GUILLERMO GREGORIO, SKIP HELLER, MOSE GIGANTICUS and numerous "others" ... began playing in philadelphia post-punk bands like SENSORY FIX (w/ 'VOSCO', later of RUIN) and sharing stages with BAUHAUS, the FALL, MISSION OF BURMA, PSYCHEDELIC FURS, the STRANGLERS, and SUICIDE ... around the "year punk broke", took the d.i.y. game to the short lived, under financed, yet highly influential; ALLIANCE MUSIC WORKSHOP, booking: ROB BROWN, WHIT DICKEY, DAVE DOUGLAS, RUFUS HARLEY, KHAN JAMAL, JOE MORRIS, MARC RIBOT, JAMAALADEEN TACUMA ... moved to chicago and continued to perform with BYARD LANCASTER and CHORA ENSEMBLE and co-produce shows with KEN VANDERMARK and the UNITY TEMPLE RESTORATION FUND ... later moving to new york, - and losing faith in free-jazz salvation - inexplicably began playing with alt.country and bluegrass "artists" to, and of, no great consequence ... returns to philadelphia post-911 to scheme the post-post-post-punk insurgency producing shows with: BAND OF OUTSIDERS, BUSH TETRAS, CASUAL VIKING, CERTAIN GENERAL, ALICE COHEN, KING OF SIAM, NORTHERN LIBERTIES, NOTEKILLERS, STAN RIDGWAY ... 

Marc and Echo's email chat about this blog...

Marc: "Virtual trapper keeper. YOU'RE JOKING, RIGHT?"

Echo: "No totally serious:-) Looking forward to blogging about your music. Send me anything. I love your bands!"

Marc: "No Bunnydrums news to report currently. I think the blush is off the rose currently and we'll de-hibernate when the second album is reissued. I will keep you posted re: Witchtrialz! activity...Philadelphia shows coming in April/May/June. We are currently recording the first e.p."

I love "virtual trapper keeper"! So funny. Thank you Marc!

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